The awesome thing about moving around a fair amount is that you get to meet people, hear many different perspectives and learn a whole lot about many different topics. I love to learn from the experiences that I have with people and places. My articles are a way of putting those learning’s down somewhere so that I can reflect on them in the future and hopefully share some insights that may add some value to others.

It is amazing that each day brings with it lessons. Somehow, in the moment, I seem to be somewhere and something jumps out at me. Such as my freediving experience with Hanli Prinsloo. Or the time I parked next to the most epic Hilux 4×4 in Botswana. Then of course my Mozambique fishing experience with ‘Crocodile Jan’die‘. Then there were lessons learned spending time with local muso Roly Struckmeyer. Even my mates pic he sent me of a sunrise over Dar Es Salaam got me thinking.

One of my major loves is leadership and working with the team at Appletree. Working with leaders often brings about insights purely through the questions that they ask. One of my favorites being – why is leadership monotonous? – and then of course dealing with working against assumptions and shifting perspective as well as the letting go of control and working with diversity and tension.

Look forward to seeing where it all leads and thank you for your comments, always good to have a bit of debate and learn from each other!

Click here for a list of articles.


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