Why didn’t I think of that?

Posted: June 21, 2011 in articles

beware of layering...

What is the one thing people say most often after they stumble across a great idea?

For instance, have you come across  Groupon yet? If not have a look at what they are doing as they have been the center of attention lately. I recently came across this innovative eventing idea recently called Pecha Kucha and look forward to attending one of their events this week alongside what seems like a bunch of others according to their facebook invite. On a recent fishing trip I was awed at a very vibrant bar in the middle of nowhere which was in essence a converted shipping container…

All great ideas!

And the one thing I hear from peoples mouths when discussing these ideas is…

‘It’s so simple… why didn’t I think of that!’

And its true isn’t. None of these ideas are overly complicated!  Yet we kick themselves for coming up with it in the first place…

But it’s the lines that follow that interest me.

Man, I had a similar idea!‘ or ‘I have this idea which has been on my mind…’

It seems we don’t have a shortage of ideas. It seems we have a shortage of execution on ideas. The frustration expressed in the ‘why didn’t I think about it‘ line seems to be more about a lack of execution than a lack of coming up with an idea itself!

Its not that these great ideas are simple, its that they are now out there! And as similar as they might be to ours, the fact is someone took the risk and we didn’t!

The problem seems to be something I could call ‘layering‘.

Beware of layering….

Ideas are simple, we have established that already. But what we tend to do is layer the idea with all sorts of complications around the probability that the idea will succeed.The running of future scenarios tends to keep us away from kicking off in the first place. (see trading metaphors article)

Perhaps we take simple ideas and make them complicated?

Perhaps those that execute on ideas keep reminding themselves to just keep it simple?

Or perhaps they just know they would rather execute even if they were to fail than be one of those who wishes….

wishes that they had ‘thought of the idea in the first place…’

I hope we will be talking about your idea around the fire sometime soon…


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