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Beneath my desk is a grey box

Posted: April 7, 2011 in articles

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I have a small office space with a wooden desk which I work on.  A neatly placed Apple mac lies on top next to a small pile of papers which are relevant to my current work. An orange ‘Mr Splat’ which is in essence a rubber man who has been squashed so I can lay my coffee cup on it sits next to my desk lamp. A pen rests on ‘post it’ notes which fuels my creativity. A few of my business cards lay neatly stacked with two business cards collected recently in Cape Town placed on top.


Beneath my desk is a grey box.

The lid of the box has to be encouraged to close. It holds every bit of paper which I still need to file, older business cards I collected, calculator, stapler, relevant cables and the most daunting of all – unopened post – lots of it.

It’s order and chaos in close proximity.

The grey box is for my eyes only. You would probably judge my character and working style by looking at my workspace.

You wouldn’t get the full picture!

I need to spend time going through the grey box.  I find that when their is some structure, some order, it creates space for me to be even more creative and productive. But I ignore it. Despite knowing how important it is, I don’t prioritise it. I just keep adding.

I don’t stop.

Just like I need to spend time going through every file I have dragged off my desktop into the ‘to clear’ folder so you can see the full pic of U2’s stage.

Just like my clean room has built in cupboards…

Just like that ordered, neat image you are projecting has a heart and soul behind it that could be very much like my grey box. Full of a bunch of stuff that needs dealing with.

It’s easier, I know, just to chuck more stuff down there with the intent ‘to clear’ so that the outer picture looks good. It always rises to the surface. My grey box has a certain capacity and one day that one envelop will be too much for the box to carry and the lid won’t close exposing its contents to the world.

Order and chaos in close proximity.

When will you stop in the pace of life and deal with what really counts?

When will you open up the box and clean up the contents, create some order?

May our desks and grey box’s represent the same message about who we are…