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Lean the other way!

Posted: February 21, 2011 in articles

The other day I turned up the radio to hear what the DJ was saying.  I then caught myself leaning into the center console of my car where my radio is positioned to make sure I heard.

Ever done that?

I realised in that moment that what I was doing didn’t make sense! It was completely illogical as my speakers were in fact in the side of my doors and in the back of my car. If I was wanting to lean toward where I would hear more clearly I should have been leaning toward the speakers…

I was leaning the wrong way.

But everyone leans toward the radio, don’t they?

Which means I was leaning the right way.  But it wasn’t. It was illogical when it came down to the truth of the matter.

Which means that maybe the world lives in a state of illogical logic.

We lean toward something every day. We lean toward ideas, toward thoughts and actions. take a look at your leaning.

How much repetition do you see in the direction of your leaning?  How influenced are you by what the world thinks as you lean?

Your leaning could quite simply be… illogical.

So right now the radio is on. You are looking for answers and find you keep leaning back toward the same thoughts and actions.

Challenge your long held patterns of thinking and doing. Question the agreements that you have made with yourself over certain issues or people. Look around a little before you lean and open yourself up to other possibilities.

Lean the other way.

So True.. Quote by Hemingway

So True.. Quote by Hemingway


Posted: February 2, 2011 in articles

That’s all it takes sometimes...

As 2011 began many would have come in with a renewed sense of excitement and intentionality. Its February now and just yesterday someone said to me “It feels like the same again, the same patterns emerge and history repeats itself…

Momentum seems to be the challenge. You can’t steer a car if its not moving. The wheel will feel heavy and all you really are doing is sitting in one place and wishing you were in another. You have got to go forward. You have got to start. You can steer once you’re moving.

I have said before that the land between insight and action is chaos. What happens is we decide on what we are going to do. Then we arrive at the time when we need to do it and a war goes on in our head. Your old mindset is comfortable and fights the new mindset. Most often the old mindset wins and we retreat to our comfort zones, doing what we have always done and getting what we have always got. A lifetime of this leads to regrets.

Some momentum generating ideas.

Realise that leaving a comfort zone is not comfortable…. obviously! The initial resistance you experience is natural and simply needs to be pushed through. It will become easier day by day. Stick to the activities which are uncomfortable for just a little longer and watch what happens. Take the excuses captive.

Ask others to drive the vehicle with you. Often when you need to make changes, knowing that others are with you and keeping you accountable stops you from retreating. Bring someone onboard with your plans today.

Challenge the fears holding you back. Questioning your fears can help bring forward the actual truth and shift your perspective on your fears.

Know that often it is sacrifice that brings reward. As much as you can’t see it now, if you would just stick to the chosen path that is challenging you so much right now, there is something very rewarding waiting a little further down the road, just beyond your horizon.

What do you most need to do right now?